Plan. Publish. Report. All from One Place.

Optimising products across all of your retail partners takes time. With one portal for your product content, Digishare gives you that time back. Build, customise, visualise and optimise, before publishing to Amazon and everywhere.

Plan & Set-up

Visualise your global product launches. Simplify product set-ups. Duplication for different languages and markets.

Create & Manage

Build enhanced content and Amazon A+. Customise and optimise by retailer.

Deploy & Deliver

One-click deployment to retail and syndication partners. Tailor-made automated & manual delivery options.

Report & Review

View your global deployment status in one place. Measure your progress versus KPIs.

We’re Digishare, and we’re here to save you time. With a single portal for all of your content, Digishare can combine all of your assets in one place. Copy, images, videos and files are all ready to be linked to individual items and entire product ranges.

Build once and deploy to multiple retail destinations with a few short clicks. Our flexible customisation options allow you to fine-tune content to fit the needs of specific partners and marketplaces.

We're Interested in Your Problems

We could talk about Digishare until we're blue in the face, but we'd much rather have a chat about the headaches you have to deal with each day. We've built a tool to help people get great content everywhere, and we'd love to figure out a way to help make your problems disappear.

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Mark Boston

Senior Content and Media Manager

“Techmarq have been partnering with RB on the eBusiness program providing content expertize and tooling to support our global digital strategy. Digishare is being used as our central media repository to drive content at scale from a storage, localisation and syndication perspective direct to our eRetailers, along with leveraging their experience on Amazon to build and deploy A+ pages.”

Björn Parnitzk

Senior Marketing Specialist Central Europe

Digishare has significantly improved the online presence of NETGEAR in the DACH-market. The idea behind the platform is great due to the fact that there is only one place to publish all of our content to Amazon and other e-com retailer. I would definitely recommend Digishare to other’s not only for the tool but most likely for the good and qualified people.”