Plan & Set-up


Keeping on top of your product launches is vital, but coordinating partners across multiple countries can be challenging. Digishare offers you a single location to plan and review everything, from global launches down to the specific detail of a single product.

Product Set-up

The biggest impact you can make on the success of your product launch is to get the basics right, first time. With Digishare, you can make sure your products are quickly paired with the correct information, whatever the needs of your retail partner.

Create & Manage

Enhanced Content

Looking to create A+ Content for Amazon or elsewhere? Enhanced Content from Digishare allows you to combine rich assets to create a compelling product story. The intuitive modular system gives you the ability to craft an optimised master design, incorporating images, video, technical files, publications, and software elements such as AR.

By creating a single master version within Digishare, you can avoid the time-intensive process of creating individual pages for each retailer. The system is also designed to let you customise pages to meet specific retailer or localisation demands, helping to ensure your Enhanced Content is published without frustrating delays.

Deploy & Deliver


Digishare is the first content system that allows you to build and publish to Amazon and all of your retail partners.

Whether you provide product set-ups or enhanced content direct to retailers, or through syndication partners, Digishare has a solution to meet your needs. Both manual and feed-based systems are supported, with flexible format options designed to meet the needs of leading syndication vendors such as Loadbee, Syndigo, CNET and others.

Report & Review


Digishare’s built-in approval workflow gives you full visibility and accountability for every action taken on your product range. Step back to see how regional product launches are progressing, or drill into the data to see individual edits and publications.

KPI tracking enables you to compare current performance against targets at a glance, allowing you to manage resources and optimise your launch strategy as needed.


Digital Asset Management

Imagine all of your assets in one place. With Digishare’s DAM functionality, not only will your files be stored securely within the cloud, the easy-to-use interface will allow you to search and browse through your entire library at speed. What’s more, you can link individual or collections of assets to individual products or entire ranges.

These connections make creating content easy and allow you to automate the populating of assets to thousands of products. Furthermore, the portal allows easy, intuitive access to search and download assets or you can easily share content with all your partners with the click of a button!

We're Interested in Your Problems

We could talk about Digishare until we’re blue in the face, but we’d much rather have a chat about the headaches you have to deal with each day. We’ve built a tool to help people get great content everywhere, and we’d love to figure out a way to help make your problems disappear.

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