Now Available: Amazon Selling Partner API

A Better Way to List Your Products on Amazon — Up to 7x Faster than Vendor Central

Digishare is an official Amazon Software Partner, and we’re pleased to announce that the Amazon Selling Partner API is now available in Digishare!

Put simply, the Amazon API gives you a better way to list your products on Amazon. No more spreadsheets! You can set up your products directly through Digishare – and up to 7x faster than Vendor Central.

What is the API?

API stands for “Application Programming Interface“​

​You can think of it as a way for two or more computer programmes to talk to each other. In this case, it is a way for Digishare and Amazon to communicate with each other.

The Amazon Selling Partner API is a connection between Amazon and Digishare that enables the pushing of information to Amazon (to list your product), and the pulling of information from Amazon (to find out details about a product).​


How Can the API Help?

Setting products up on Amazon can be one of the most time-intensive parts of the process of selling on that platform. As well as an unfriendly spreadsheet-based format, processing times and the potential for errors mean that it can be the source of considerable frustration, especially when it needs to be performed at scale.

By integrating the Amazon Listing API within Digishare, the process has been streamlined. You’ll be able to download and access Amazon data for your product, as well as edit and upload all the data needed to set your products up on Vendor Central. We can even help you map your product information to the Amazon attributes for the ultimate in speedy setups. Our system includes multiple tooltips, highlighting what attributes are mandatory for your product, more information about what an attribute means, and warnings about what information cannot be changed after submission.

Any errors in your submission will be summarised and highlighted for easy amendment, and the status of your upload will be automatically updated and displayed in the Digishare Publishing Tracker.

All these tasks can be performed with maximum efficiency thanks to the speed of our integration with the API link. Internal testing has shown our system to be up to seven times faster than performing the same actions via Vendor Central.

How Can I Access the Amazon Listing API

We have started the process of rolling out this update to our eligible clients. to register your interest in trying the Amazon Listing API, please contact your account manager, or drop us an email at