Export NIS Forms & More | Digishare Development Blog

Here at Digishare, we’re continually looking to refine our tools and add new functionality, all with the aim of allowing you to do more, easier. Each month we’ll be sharing a short blog post talking about the changes we’ve made to Digishare in the past month, and what new features you can look forward to in the future.

Amazon NIS Form Auto-populator

We’ve never met anyone who regards New Item Setup forms as anything other than a pain in the bum.

They are the deadly combination of high volume, highly repetitive work, with a high reliance on the accuracy of the input. Add in the difficulty of automation when you have different requirements for every retail/distribution partner, and it’s no wonder that they are the most common pain point we have seen over the years.

That is why we are launching a new “Amazon NIS” option for the exports from Digishare. By selecting this option, our system will auto-generate a new Amazon NIS form and auto-populate it with the information we hold for your selected products. Less hassle for you, and fewer errors for your partners.

Our hope is that it will help diminish the task of completing NIS forms from scratch. We will also be working hard to increase our coverage of the data in the coming months, until we reach a point where Amazon NIS forms will no longer be the frustrating chore they once were.

Premium Content with loadbee

Creating content for just one location feels like a waste to us. We’re big believers in a consistent content strategy anyway, but imagine how much more efficient it could be to put that expensive premium content to use with all of your retail partners.

Well, we want to give you that option. With our unique connector to loadbee’s distribution system, we have just launched the ability to deploy Amazon-style premium content modules to retailers across Europe, allowing your investment in product content to go further. You will have the option to customise and optimise by destination as usual, and there will be some variance due to retailer requirements, but we’re pleased to offer you even more efficiency when it comes to content creation and distribution.

This is just a taster of the work we’re putting in to make Digishare work harder for you. We hope to see you soon for more development updates, and a peek at the upcoming Digishare 3.0!