Digishare’s Best of 2023: Amazon API


With Black Friday behind us and Peak Season well underway, there’s no escaping the sight of 2024 looming on the horizon. However well the past year has gone for you, now is a time of reflection, of taking stock and planning anew.

To celebrate this, Digishare are taking the next few weeks to look back on our achievements for this year and share some of our hopes and plans* for the future.

First up! Digishare 3.1 with Amazon API Tool

The culmination of years of planning and development, integrating the Amazon API into the latest Digishare platform is a game-changer in every sense of the word. By giving you the ability to list and publish product content from Digishare directly, we’ve helped to remove the delays and additional steps that have bogged down so many products.

The tool gives you the option to hide non-mandatory and completed content, allowing you to solely focus on what needs to be done without having to scroll through endless lists of attributes. It also automatically updates when Amazon updates, so if Amazon makes a change, you will see it reflected in Digishare.

Put simply, our Amazon API Tool takes away the pain of product listing, and it’s the perfect way to ease your way into your 2024 line-up.

*But we reserve the right to keep some secrets to ourselves. Shhh!