Digishare 3.0, New Metrics and More

Here at Digishare, we’re continually looking to refine our tools and add new functionality, all with the aim of allowing you to do more, easier. Each month we’ll be sharing a short blog post talking about the changes we’ve made to Digishare in the past month, and what new features you can look forward to in the future.

Coming Soon: Digishare 3.0

New year, new… us? While we’re always working hard to refine the Digishare platform, sometimes you just need to start the year with a whole new look.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that development of the next version of Digishare is now well underway. With this update to the platform, we’ll aim to bring you a more intuitive, user-friendly experience. We will be streamlining existing processes and reducing the need for duplication wherever possible. We’ll also be adding in extra functionality, and giving newer technologies (such as Augmented Reality) more focus.

Our goal is (as ever) to save you time. With fewer hours and resources needed on page-building tasks, we hope Digishare will give you the space you need to analyse the results of your actions and see the global impact of your product content strategy.

We’re looking forward to showing you all the first features of Digishare 3.0 at the end of Q1.

Reporting Dashboard

Speaking of analysis, we are pleased to announce the roll-out of our new reporting dashboard is complete and is available for activation for all clients who request it.

The dashboard is designed to provide easy-to-visualise data on page approval and publication metrics. Users can compare numbers from different categories and countries, and compare figures with YoY.

We’re also in the process of loading syndicator metrics from partners such as loadbee and Syndigo, allowing users to view up to 6 different metrics (where available): visits, unique visitor numbers, viewable impressions, interactions, interaction rate, and average time on the page.

We hope that, when used in combination, these metrics will allow our users to not only see what actions are being done globally, but what impact these actions are having.

Image Rights

Finally, we have been working hard to build new functionality into our system regarding images and regional usage rights. Following a request from one of our clients, we’ve made it easier for them to add and access usage right information for images uploaded to the Digishare platform. We’re able to give users clear information about which images are suitable for use in their chosen region. We’re also working towards passing this information along to syndicators and other partners, ensuring correct and consistent images globally.

If this type of functionality interests you, please talk to your Digishare account manager to find out more.