Amazon Preps Prime Day 2021 for Q2

Prime Day in 2020 was a strange affair. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic proving to be especially lucrative for the retailer, the logistical strain of the virus caused Amazon to push the event back from its usual July slot to much later in the year. When the event finally went ahead in October, it bunched up awkwardly against other shopping events such as Black Friday and the run-up to the holiday season.

For 2021, Amazon is trying to do things differently. According to a report from CNBC, Prime day in the US is scheduled for sometime in June, a period which has traditionally been slower for retailers.

While Amazon is once again trying to space its shopping events throughout the year, the report does suggest that a secondary reason for the move is to prevent unfavourable earnings comparison with Amazon’s bumper pandemic year. During the lockdown months of last spring, Amazon’s revenues soared. By moving Prime Day a little earlier in the year, Amazon may be hoping that there isn’t as much of a gulf between last years Q2 results and those for 2021.

As with the reports around Prime Day last year, the focus is primarily on the US date. Prime Day has previously launched with staggered timing in different countries, so we will keep you updated as these dates are confirmed in the coming months.