Support Chat & Reporting Dashboard | Digishare Development Blog

Here at Digishare, we’re continually looking to refine our tools and add new functionality, all with the aim of allowing you to do more, easier. Each month we’ll be sharing a short blog post talking about the changes we’ve made to Digishare in the past month, and what new features you can look forward to in the future.

Support Chat

Digishare has grown rapidly over the past few years, adding multiple features and flexibility to allow you to manage your product content in the most efficient way possible. With this growth in the tool, it’s vitally important that we increase the level of support to our clients at the same time.

Over the next few months, you will see several improvements to our support system. We’ll be incorporating a live text chat that you can access from any page in Digishare, allowing you to receive assistance while working on projects. During European work hours, our team will be available to answer any queries or fix any problems you may encounter. Outside of these hours, the chat will connect to our new ticketing system, allowing us to respond as quickly and efficiently to your query as possible.

Alongside this work, we will also be updating the Knowledge Bases and FAQs for your workspace to a new, easier-to-use system that includes a convenient search function.

Reporting Dashboard

This year will also see the rollout of our new Reporting Dashboard. This tool provides a new graphical interface to our reporting functionality, allowing you to easily visualise and provide feedback on system performance. Our clients will be able to view YoY page approval and publication statistics, including breakdowns by region and category.

Our aim is for this tool to continue developing and become more powerful over time, with future functionality including the ability to view Syndication Partner data, such as glance views.