Easier New Item Setups

At Digishare, we’ve dedicated ourselves to understanding the everyday online retail frustrations of our partners. With our familiarity and expertise, we want to work with you to build solutions to these problems; to help you increase efficiency, conversion, and your own satisfaction.

In over a decade of serving the online retail community, the one frustration we keep hearing about is how difficult and time-consuming New Item Setup forms can be. When these forms aren’t riddled with problems and pitfalls, they can become tedious time sinks, swallowing resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the first roll-out of the New Item Setup tab within StoryBuilder.

This new tab allows the population and collection of the product specifications required to set up new items with your online retail partners. With this new functionality, each field can be identified and formatted to meet your retail requirements.

Gradually rolling out with selected clients, this represents the first dedicated setup functionality within Digishare and is designed to help increase your efficiency when setting up new products with your key retail partners, specifically Amazon. This is also the first in several planned NIS-related additions to our service, culminating in a fully-integrated API setup ability that will launch in 2022.