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Digishare has been designed intuitively keeping the users’ need at the forefront. Their biggest challenge? TIME (or rather, the lack of it!) This has resulted in a powerful and flexible upload engine. Through the options of single & bulk upload, users can upload assets and assign them to a single product or upload a large stack of assets at once and assign metadata later on. The goal is to maximise discoverability of assets in the front end with the least possible effort at the backend.

Digishare has flexible upload capabilities to suit users time, convenience and processes.

In order to cater to a wide range of users, Digishare can deal with the most commonly used file formats including, JPG, TIFF, PNG, WMV, MPG, MOV, MP3, WAV etc. Also documents like HTML ZIP files, PDF, DOCX, XLS, PPT files can be saved in the platform.

External sources can be integrated like FTP servers or other databases although this may require some custom effort. Our experienced deployment team will be able to help you with the correct process to migrate your current assets into Digishare.


The unique product based database allows for fast & easy navigation providing optimal usability for your clients & your company.

Digishare works with a classic File & Folders structure allowing the admin to replicate their current Product hierarchy allowing for easy adoption with the end users. Using Virtual Folders, Smart Collections etc. admin can create Product specific assets groups which can then be easily accessed by internal and external users. Working in the Online eCommerce space over the last 8 years, we understand the segment specific needs around EANs; ASINs etc. to get product specific assets available to a large user group. Finally,  no more lost files!

What do I do with my Google Drive or Dropbox account?

Digishare is built with the possibility of integrating with multiple data sources either for the purposes of migration or as a media back up tool. If you are currently using other public file sharing platforms like Dropbox, Google drive, Sharepoint, You Tube or Vimeo, we can help migrate your Digital Assets into Digishare. Your current structure can be replicated and or improved to work with organised groups and user types taking advantage of the capabilities of a DAM.

Easy Search, Rapid results

The quality of a DAM is often determined by the speed and ease with which users are able to search and find the specific assets they need. Digishare has been designed to allow users to work through a Quick Search or an Advanced Search module. Keywords and Meta-tags allow for filtering of results while Virtual Folders and Smart Collections can be compiled and presented to specific user groups by the admins.

Other user friendly features like Auto Complete in search fields allow for quick access while a wide range of filters help choose assets by author, date, product type etc.

Digishare is focused on helping Manufacturing brands maximize the potential of their Digital Assets by enabling access to their assets for their channel partners. This market segment encompasses a rather large and varied industry like Consumer Electronics, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Domestic Appliances etc. and has its own jargon and typical ways of working. By creating Retailer specific collections, Campaign related smart folders etc. we allow the brands to utiize the tools to deliver organized groups of assets with minimum effort also saving time & effort from an end users perspective.


The flexible download engine allows you to convert assets in a multitude of file types and sizes on the go, decreasing time spend editing assets. Just click download and choose a file type and the download will start. You can create an entire selection of your own “My Selections” and add various different assets to your “Basket” before downloading that in one go! You can also Share directly from the Asset screen via short links sent via direct mail.

XML and HTML Output options

Our experience with Brands and Retail relationships over the past years has helped us design Digishare to function as a multifaceted hub for delivering brand value. For example, it is quite common for Retailers to request for a specific format of Product Information to use on their eCommerce platforms. Brands can, if they wish use Digishare to set up XML based data feeds or download HTML zip file  packages to share all assets on a regular basis with their channel partners. This, we can also help you realize this through our bespoke services. Feel free to talk to us about your needs and we will gladly assist.


Have full control over your assets and who receives them by setting up unique and fully customizable access levels created by the admin and specific for the user type or group you select. This way, you can have different rules set up for Internal Users and External Users hence protecting sensitive information without sacrificing efficiency!

Also give individual users permission to either View, Edit, Download or Share assets.

Protecting branded Assets from incorrect usage is one of the reasons for Brands to invest in a DAM like Digishare instead of just using a public storage solution like Google Drive or Dropbox. The ability to monitor usage of assets along with an audit trail on what asset is out at which user provides a huge benefit when content needs to be refreshed across the channels. Also, expired content is easier to track and tackle through the improved registration of asset usage.


Working with multiple organisational units or regions makes management of Digital assets a challenge. In Digishare, the admin can set up regional or sub admins who can thereon set up their own users and user groups. This allows for great flexibility in usage and end user acceptance! Moreover the ability of the regions to upload their own localised content and share it within their users increases efficiency across the organisation. When new Master assets are created, they can also be automatically duplicated across other selected regions also saving time and effort on the whole.


Adapt Digishare to suit your organizations needs. Add your banners, change colours, look & feel and more so your users get a more personalised version of DAM in your own style. Create an environment that blends seamlessly with your companies brand identity. And make your clients who are used to your branding feel just at home within Digishare!