Digital Solutions to Physical Problems

Digital vs Physical. As a company called “Digishare”, we expect you’d be able to make a good guess about which side we belong to, right?

The truth is, there are always going to be physical aspects to the act of selling products, no matter how much we’re able to shift online or recreate virtually. Some things are inescapable, and others are more short-term. Practical fixes that are still waiting for a viable digital solution.

That’s why Digishare will always strive to understand your needs, and design systems and solutions to help solve your problems.

The example we’d like to share is that of a client who, despite fully embracing the digital organisation and delivery of their product information, was faced with a problem. They had scores of key partners providing their products to guests alongside a physical menu. With a constant refining and evolution of their product range, how could they easily ensure that these product menus were up to date and easily distributable?

That’s why Digishare has created a module in the platform that quickly and easily converts the desired product information into a custom menu and generates a print-quality PDF ready for distribution to partners or production.

A very focused addition to our services, certainly, but we feel it’s indicative of what we’re able to provide: considerate and effective solutions to get your information where it needs to be in the format you need it in.