Digishare Publication Tracker Updates and UI Overhaul

Here at Digishare, we’re continually looking to refine and add new functionality. We’ll be sharing regular blog posts talking about the recent changes we’ve made to Digishare, and what new features you can look forward to in the future.

Publication Tracker Updates

We’re pleased to announce a long list of improvements arriving shortly, with a number of long-requested features:

  • ASINs – ASINs will show in the Publishing Tracker
  • Comments – Comments can be left next to any product in the Tracker, to add context to their status
  • Comments Filter – Products can be filtered to show only those with or without comments
  • Filter by Multiple Statuses – Products can be filtered to show those with one or more statuses. This is ideal for identifying products that have yet to be submitted or published
  • Preview StoryBuilder – You can view the StoryBuilder preview directly from the publishing tracker


Digishare 3.0 UI Overhaul

Progress on Digishare 3.0 continues, with development on our UI overhaul now underway. Our aim is to take all of the great functionality we’ve created for Digishare over the past two years and present it in a clean and intuitive way. By splitting out various functions and content types, we’re hoping to decrease page load and save times by at least 50%. By speeding up these functions, we hope that it will go a long way towards helping to streamline your workflow.

We’ll be posting more in the future to keep you up to date with all the latest news, so make sure to check back regularly, or sign up for our newsletter here.