Digishare Development Blog: Changes & Upcoming Features

Here at Digishare, we’re constantly looking to refine our tools and add new functionality, all with the aim of allowing you to do more, easier. Each month we’ll be sharing a short blog post talking about the changes we’ve made to Digishare in the past month, and what new features you can look forward to in the future.

KPI Integration

Metrics are important, both for measuring the impact of your work and ensuring you’re focusing your efforts on critical tasks and areas. But how can you ensure that your internal targets are being met, and all aspects of product launches are being achieved according to plan?

This is why we’ve recently launched the ability to integrate internal KPIs into Digishare’s reporting, allowing you to see if internal targets are being met for all of your global product launches. You can compare performance with targets at a glance, allowing you to manage resource and optimise your strategy. If you’re interested in adding this feature to your Digishare experience, or simply finding out more about it, please talk to your account manager or contact us at info@digishare.eu.

Bulk Upload / Bulk Export / Bulk Image Editor

More is always better.

OK, that doesn’t necessarily hold true for everything (cheese definitely reaches a point of diminishing returns after the first kilo). But when it comes to making changes to product info, being able to do many changes all at once is a good thing. That’s why in the coming months we’re looking to overhaul and improve our Bulk Import / Export tools to allow you to customise your content in faster and less complicated ways. Our aim is to provide you with a simple process to download, modify and submit changes across hundreds of products at once.

We don’t want to stop with text changes either. Almost all of us have been in a position where we’ve needed to change an image that appears on multiple products in multiple markets. In the coming months, we aim to give you the ability to do just that, quickly, easily and all within the Digishare tool.


This is just a taster of the work we’re putting in to make Digishare work harder for you. We hope to see you soon for more development updates, and a peek at the upcoming Digishare 3.0!