Blog & Research Digest – October 2021

With our Blog and Research Digest, the Digishare team provide a curated roundup of online retail news. Along the way, we’ll pick the most interesting stories from the worlds of technology, social media, marketing and more, allowing you to see everything at a glance.

Retail News and Trends

Bigger holiday spend this year, claims survey
‘Holiday shoppers will spend 25% more this holiday — an average of $870 — compared to last, as consumers will be “revenge shopping,” according to a JLL annual holiday survey.’

Young shoppers spending most this holiday season
“Consumers plan to spend $598 on average compared to $539 in 2020 and 71% will spend as much or more than last year. Older millennials will spend $705 on average, according to the 15th annual Holiday Shopping Survey from research firm Accenture.”

Shoppers shopping early this holiday season
“More than half (61%) of consumers plan to get their holiday shopping done before Thanksgiving and even more (67%) plan to hit retail stores during slow time frames to limit potential exposure to COVID-19.”

More than half of online shoppers are open to buying Christmas gifts from abroad–open-to-buying-christmas-gifts-from-abroad-23768
“The research, commissioned by shipping tech company Logistyx Technologies, asked 2,035 online shoppers in the UK, Australia, Germany and the USA about their attitudes to purchasing gifts for Christmas, New Year and other holidays from other countries. It also examined which shipping-related factors would make them more confident to purchase gifts from abroad.”

Shoppers love online buying but also in-store tech
“67% of respondents said what they miss most about in-person shopping is interacting with products and knowing what they’re getting.”

Challenging product search top reason consumers bounce off e-commerce sites
“Nearly three-quarters of U.S. and U.K. consumers cite difficulty in finding a wanted product as the prime reason they abandon an e-commerce site and more than one third (37.1%) report that product recommendations are rarely tailored to them.”

Most consumers haven’t tapped try-on, AR features
“Nearly three-quarters, 71%, of U.S. consumers that shopped online in the past 12 months have never used any virtual try-on features or any other AR online tech during the shopping experience.”

Third of adults have struggled to use online apps during pandemic
“The main reason given by those who have struggled is that they (27%) didn’t know where to turn to get the right information and advice. 22% said they lacked the necessary digital skills, while 17% felt that they did not have the right device, such as a smartphone, to access the services online.”

More than half of UK consumers would avoid buying from brands accused of working with unethical suppliers
“Survey shows that 82% of consumers feel strongly about buying products that are ethically and sustainably sourced – and that goes for suppliers to retailers and brands as well as the retailers and brands themselves”

Amazon calls for cooperation from governments in order to combat counterfeit goods
“The company has also developed industry-leading tools for brands including brand registry, Project Zero and transparency so they can parter with Amazon to help ensure that only authentic goods are sold on the marketplace.”

Amazon reportedly copied third-party sellers’ products and rigged search results
“Amazon’s Indian division reportedly copied third-party sellers’ products before rigging the search results, according to Reuters. The division engaged in a systematic campaign of copying products that were being sold by third-party sellers on its own platform before manipulating the search results to favour its own items.”

Amazon, Apple lead top loyalty list
“When it comes to loyalty, some big names lead the top 20 list for 2021, with e-commerce giant Amazon leading the way, according to the 2021 annual Loyalty Leaders List released by Brand Keys, and Apple landing in the top five.”

Best Buy launches membership program with special perks
“The program, Totaltech, will cost just under $200 and provide unlimited, 24×7 tech support as well as special pricing, free shipping and installation and product protection on most purchases, according to a CNBC report.”

Standing out online: How to create a powerful digital shelf
“Searchability is essential for products to reach consumers, so your product’s digital shelf copy should be keyword rich with search terms that shoppers would use to find your product. This applies not only to the title, but also the feature bullets, product descriptions, and metadata, all of which are key elements of site search optimization, allowing the product to be more easily found due to higher indexing on retailer search rankings.”