Blog and Research Digest — Week 35, 2020

Every week, the Digishare team prepare a digest of the previous 7 days of online retail news. Along the way, we’ll pick the most interesting stories from the worlds of technology, social media, marketing and more, allowing you to see everything at a glance.

Retail News and Trends

Online sales fall back 7% in July, but still dominate retail landscape, ONS figures show–21890
“The latest ONS Retail Sales Index figures show that, across July, retail sales rose by 2% – far out-stripping the 0.2% predicted in June – while online sales, which had been very strong while shops were shut, fell back by 7%.”

Online retail growth in U.S. hits a new low point
“The coronavirus, as well as political “unrest,” are prime drivers regarding online revenue growth dropping 51%, according to a press release on the data.”

Retail sales continue on recovery path, albeit a bit slower
“The U.S. Census Bureau reported overall retail sales in July were up 1.2% seasonally adjusted from June and up 2.7% year-over-year. Retail sales have been climbing after a record monthly drop while most stores were closed in April due to the coronavirus.”

Shoppers to shun the high street on Black Friday study suggests
“The study finds that 58% of shoppers plan to buy from brands solely online on Black Friday, which falls on 27th November, with just 13% of consumers say they will brave the high street.”

E-commerce explodes: 45% growth in Q2
“While many retailers flounder, some omnichannel merchants are killing it online.”

Report: When sites load too slowly, 41% of shoppers head to Amazon
“Fifty two percent of shoppers said they get frustrated when shopping on sluggish retail sites, according to a survey conducted by Retail Systems Research (RSR). The survey also found that 90% of consumers have left a website if it loaded too slowly.”

UK shoppers 4 times more likely to buy from Amazon and Ebay than retailers’ own websites
“Nearly 60 per cent of shoppers in the UK said they had made a purchase with an online marketplace since March, according to new research from Adobe.”

Online grocery sales jump 117% in “the most dramatic change of shopping behaviour we’ve ever seen”
“According to the latest data from Nielsen, UK shoppers spent £678 million more on FMCG products during the month, but online sales accounted for a whopping 97 per cent of this growth, equating to £658 million.”

Is Amazon close to knocking over the Big 4 grocers?
“The UK grocery sector was left shaken after one of the world’s largest companies, Amazon said it would introduce free delivery on grocery items by the end of the year.”


Retail’s future is in Asia
“Retailers in Asia-Pacific have generally put less emphasis on building stores and more on their online capabilities. It’s helped the region emerge as the world’s retail growth engine.”

Amazon’s ad business is pandemic-proof
“The demand has kept Amazon’s ad sales strong amid Covid-19, even as its big tech competitors in digital advertising, Google and Facebook, suffer slowdowns.”


What will make your brand stand out on LinkedIn in 2020?
“With over 310 million monthly active users, LinkedIn is everything that someone would need to grow professionally. It has become what Facebook was a few years back in terms of providing opportunities to brands and connecting them to their potential customers.”