Blog and Research Digest — Week 26, 2020

Every week, the Digishare team prepare a digest of the previous 7 days of online retail news. Along the way, we’ll pick the most interesting stories from the worlds of technology, social media, marketing and more, allowing you to see everything at a glance.

Retail News and Trends

How Covid-19 is expected to shape ‘the biggest boom in online retailing’ yet
“As ONS figures out today show online gaining a record share of retail sales in May, we round up key analysis, insights and indicators into the rate of expansion”

About a third of consumers are shopping at pre-COVID-19 levels. They’re just doing it online.
“According to a report from, 32.8% of shoppers are buying retail goods as much as they did before the coronavirus outbreak but are now making their purchases online.”

A third of retail sales took place online for the first time in May: ONS–21586
“Some 33.4% of all UK retail transactions took place online, according to the ONS’ latest Retail Sales Report for May 2020.”

Online shopping still booming, but starting to drop as consumers tentatively step out
“A weekly survey by DISQO finds that, while online shopping is still booming, overall there has been a 9% drop between May and June as people cautiously venture back out into the world.”

Retail sales on very healthy rebound track
“Federal figures regarding retail sales reveal consumers are busy, busy, busy shopping at this point in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.”

NRF: Sales improvement is an encouraging sign
“While sales spiked considerably compared to April, up 17.7%, the figure is still well below spend same time last year, according to a NRF press release.”

UK shopper habits changed for good, forcing retailers to transform or die, report warns
“So warns the latest research from Forrester, which has found that the pace of change of consumer habits shows no signs of abating, with more to come.”

Some shoppers excited to get back to shopping, some are nervous
“Depending on the region, U.S. consumers are either most excited to get back into retail environments while others are admittedly nervous about the prospect.”

Shopping apps reap ‘Golden age of m-commerce’ as shoppers go mobile in lockdown
“Meanwhile, engagement has surged 40%, as 14.7% purchase rates tower over last year’s 10.5%.”

Physical stores to heavily influence retail purchases, new research finds
“Intu and the Javelin Group found that while traditional shop sales have steadily decreased over the last few years, physical stores will still account in some way for £8 of every £10 to be spent in retail by 2025.”

Mastercard to tokenize Amazon transactions
“The change is in response to the massive increases in e-commerce purchases during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen an increased amount of fraudulent activity due to shifting payment patterns.”

Amazon launches an assistant to help with employee social distancing
“The Distance Assistant offers live feedback on social distancing using a 50-inch monitor, camera, and sensors, according to a Good Morning America report.”

Half of UK shoppers unwilling to share their personal data with retailers – but still want a personal experience–but-still-want-a-personal-experience-21566
“Half of UK consumers are unwilling to share their personal data with retailers over concerns about how this is being used, with those aged over 55 revealed to be the least willing to provide any data (56%).”


Don’t get excited about a US retail recovery just yet
“Beyond that, there’s still a high degree of uncertainty about how the months ahead will play out in the US, in terms of how Covid-19 will persist and how the economy will fare, both of which will have an impact on retailers.”