Blog and Research Digest — Week 25, 2020

Every week, the Digishare team prepare a digest of the previous 7 days of online retail news. Along the way, we’ll pick the most interesting stories from the worlds of technology, social media, marketing and more, allowing you to see everything at a glance.

Retail News and Trends

Retail footfall up 41.7% by 12pm yesterday
“New figures from Springboard have shown that footfall across retail locations in England had increased by 41.7% by 12pm yesterday compared to last week.”

New GDP figures show the economic impact of coronavirus lockdown on retail
“New official figures today suggest GDP (gross domestic product) from retail fell by 8.9% in the three months to April 2020 as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown.”

Retail sales ring up second-worst month of decline on record – despite 60% growth in online sales – during Covid-19 lockdown: BRC/Barclaycard–despite-60-growth-in-online-sales–during-covid-19-lockdown-brcbarclaycard-21516
“Retail sales fell in May to the second worst decline since BRC records began, according to new figures, despite fast growth in online sales. Total retail sales were down by 5.9%, while online sales grew by 60.2%.”

May e-commerce exceeds holiday 2019, setting up the battle of the marketplaces
“Walmart brought in more online revenue than eBay in May for the [first] time.”

E-commerce sales spiked big in May
“May brought an 81% increase in retail e-commerce sales and several segments benefited from triple-digit year-on-year growth.”

E-commerce sales spiked nearly 93% in May
“U.S. e-commerce sales jumped by 92.7% in May, according to a new SpendingPulse report from Mastercard.”

US retail sales to decline 10.5% in 2020: eMarketer
“According to eMarketer’s latest forecast on U.S. retail sales, total retail sales — including auto and fuel sales — will drop by 10.5% to $4.9 trillion this year, but e-commerce is expected to increase by 18%.”

UK ecommerce sales continue to rise, growing 168% in May – but fraud grows too–but-fraud-grows-too-21526
“Ecommerce transactions in the UK have seen a 168% increase in May compared to the same period last year, driven by rising online sales of electronic items, DIY supplies, home furnishings and sportswear, according to an analysis of hundreds of millions of transactions.”

£5.3bn boost for UK’s ecommerce sector due to pandemic
“Coronavirus is expected to have added £5.3 billion to the UK’s ecommerce sector by the end of the year, with Amazon poised to benefit the most.”

Social responsibility is now top priority for online buyers around the world
“Ethical and sustainable sourcing is now a top priority for buyers and a key driver of ecommerce and omnichannel for manufacturers and distributors, according to a major global survey of 1,600 business leaders.”

Lockdown creates a world of night owls: see how online habits have changed worldwide
“A study of global online traffic shows the whole world is staying logged on later at night and enjoying a lie in before starting work in the morning.”

55% of Americans Have Shopped Online at a New Store
“A survey by Ware2Go has found there are signals of a possible rebound in the consumer market driven by online buying. The findings indicate more than half (55%) of Americans have purchased items online from websites and retailers they have never shopped with before.”

European ecommerce sites hampered by checkout flaws, finds report
“The company examined the 450 most popular ecommerce sites based on Alexa rankings across the UK, Netherlands, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy and Spain, finding that 58% had at least three basic errors.”

Walmart teams with Shopify to grow its marketplace
“Walmart and Shopify on Monday announced they are partnering to bring 1,200 sellers onto’s third-party marketplace by the end of this year.”

Shopify – the good shop to Amazon’s bad shop
“It is the second-largest e-commerce platform in the US, yet remains anonymous. Will its new app change all that?”

EU will reportedly file antitrust charges against Amazon over seller data abuse
“Following a nearly year-long investigation into the company’s business practices, the European Commission (EC) plans to announce formal antitrust charges against Amazon, according to the Wall Street Journal.”


What’s Digital Asset Management and why are marketers adopting the technology?
“The dramatic growth of both media assets and devices is fueling an interest in systems to organize digital assets.”

How Covid-19 has shifted consumer expectation – and digital commerce investment
“The global coronavirus pandemic has driven half of shoppers to buy products they have never bought online before, with 70% admitting to buying more than usual, according to a new report. But what does this mean for customer experience?”

How to Network Online Like a Champ
“With a little ingenuity and virtual elbow grease, you can still forge new professional relationships over an internet connection rather than a cocktail.”


How to Do Marketing Research
“If you have big goals, market research can help your business make the right moves and avoid wasting time and money on the wrong ones.”

Your Audience Is Not the Same as Your Marketing Database
“Your marketing database is NOT your audience. In promotional marketing, you would never deliver the same blanket content to all your customers because they all didn’t buy the same thing. Why are you sending the same blanket message to all of those who haven’t?”