Blog and Research Digest — Week 19, 2021

With our Blog and Research Digest, the Digishare team provide a curated roundup of online retail news. Along the way, we’ll pick the most interesting stories from the worlds of technology, social media, marketing and more, allowing you to see everything at a glance.

Retail News and Trends

Online grocery growth slows as shoppers spend £8bn in-store at UK supermarkets
“Online grocery has experienced supercharged growth in the last 12 months, with sales growth remaining above 70% since the start of the UK’s pandemic in March 2020.”

UK a leader in the 2020 shift online – while studies suggest shoppers want to buy more in-store, but as yet are not returning to shops post-Covid 19 lockdown–while-studies-suggest-shoppers-want-to-buy-more-in-store-but-as-yet-are-not-returning-to-shops-post-covid-19-lockdown-23116
“Almost a quarter of UK retail sales took place online as shops closed for Covid-19 lockdowns, new figures suggest.!

UK ecommerce outpaces global average as shoppers spend faster than ever
“The UK’s ecommerce spending in Q1 grew by 54% YoY, reaching £28bn in spend. This is considerably faster than the global average – for comparison, US online sales grew 39% YoY, and the global average growth figure was 38%.”

Shoppers set to carry on buying online– and to spend more on retail purchases: research
“Customer experience specialist MullenLowe Profero questioned 3,000 UK adults via Censuswide and found than more than half (56%) of online shoppers expect to buy online as much as they are now – and 41% say they have bought online more regularly during the Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions.”

European eCommerce revenues jump 30% to $465bn in 2021
“Even before the pandemic, the European eCommerce market has witnessed impressive growth. In 2018, revenues grew by $24.8bn YoY and hit $320.6bn, revealed the Statista survey. By the end of the following year, this figure jumped by another $33.6bn reaching $354.1bn.”

Two-thirds of UK shoppers value ethics and sustainability in retailers, reshaping their post-pandemic habits
“The majority (52%) also said that they are now more likely to shop with retailers that have ethical suppliers or supply chains.”

Online shoppers leave £100 of goods a month in “fantasy baskets” – survey
“Significant delivery costs, the desire to “window shop” rather than make a purchase and lengthy authentication processes were key drivers of payment dropouts, Barclaycard Payments said. Getting distracted by other online shopping and forgetting what baskets contain were other key reasons.”

Shopify says vaccinations haven’t slowed down online shopping
“More Americans are getting vaccinated by the day, and many, emboldened by loosening restrictions around mask use and warming weather in the US, are finally heading back to stores and malls after a year of doing much of their shopping online.”

Study: Consumer digital mindset here to stay
“A majority of consumer (81%) will maintain and may even increase digital usage once COVID-19 restrictions are gone, according to a FullStory study.”

Consumer spend won’t change much this year, claims research
“More than half of U.S. consumers (60%) expect a return to normality within the year and 56% are optimistic about the year ahead.”

Economy surges as consumers spend big
“The U.S gross domestic product, a measurement of total goods and services produced, hit 6.4% in the first quarter of the year, according to a NBC report citing estimates released from the Commerce Department. Economists had predicted an increase of 6.5%.”

Survey reveals how COVID-19 impacted 2020 holiday shopping season
“83% purchased online during the 2020 holiday season. For consumers who spent more than $500 on holiday gifts, that number jumped to a 94%. More than half of consumers who purchased gifts online said they visited a retail store website.”

Walmart online sales on a boom path, reveals research data
“Walmart’s share of U.S. online sales will increase from 6.7% last year to 7.1% this year, according to data from”


Amazon moves Prime Day to Q2
“The one fact Amazon has confirmed is that the deals extravaganza event will happen in the second quarter, according to a CNBC report.”

Amazon says its Prime membership has now topped more than 200m – and focuses on groceries and delivery as first quarter sales grow by 44%–and-focuses-on-groceries-and-delivery-as-first-quarter-sales-grow-by-44-23099
“Amazon says more than 200m people are now paid-up members of its Amazon Prime subscription scheme. Its next Prime Day event, for members of the scheme, is now set to take place later this quarter.”

Prime has never been more important to Amazon
“It took Amazon 13 years to reach its first 100 million subscribers to Prime, the company’s benefits-loaded membership program. It took just three years to add its next 100 million, as founder Jeff Bezos revealed last month in his final letter to shareholders as Amazon’s CEO.”

Amazon’s growth overseas has blown past its growth in the US
“In the latest quarter Amazon’s international sales surged 60% compared to the same time last year, far outpacing the 40% growth it saw in North America and marking Amazon’s second quarter in a row of higher growth overseas.”

32% of UK Amazon customers feel “guilty” for shopping with giant
“Amazon shoppers in the UK say they feel “guilt” and “buyers remorse” after shopping with the retail giant with many stating they want to cut down on purchases.”

Amazon enters “golden age” as Q1 sales smash estimates rising 44%
“Over its first quarter Amazon saw net sales top $108.5 billion, coming comfortably above Wall Street estimates of $104.5 billion, while profit after tax more than tripled on the same period last year jumping from $2.5 billion to $8.1 billion, trouncing expectations of just $5 billion.”

Amazon poised to overtake Walmart as largest retailer by 2025: report
“As e-commerce expands at a blazing clip, Amazon is on track to pass Walmart as the largest U.S. retailer by 2025, according to Retail Insight, the research arm of Edge by Ascential.”

Amazon best in online experience, claims research
“More than half, 55%, of consumers ranked the e-commerce giant as being best, with Walmart landing in second as cited by 11% of U.S. consumers. The third spot belongs to Target, Best Buy and eBay, all mentioned by less than 4% of those surveyed, according to a press release.”


3 critical website updates for better UX
“Collectively, product detail pages (PDPs) are arguably one of the most critical aspects of your e-commerce website. An optimized PDP uses a combination of high quality product photography; compelling descriptions, specifications, and details; and interactive elements to turn browsers into buyers and drive revenue.”