Blog and Research Digest — Week 12, 2021

Retail News and Trends

Largest ever share of sales takes place online in locked-down February, while in-store sales fall
“The British Retail Consortium (BRC) found that 60.6% of UK retail sales took place online last month. That’s a higher proportion than during the previous two lockdowns.”

Pandemic spurring spike in e-commerce activity
“he global e-commerce market will hit 3.8 billion users this year, a 10% spike compared to 2020, and the prime reason is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, according to data from”

E-commerce spending could reach $1 trillion in 2022: Adobe
“E-commerce spending in 2021 is expected to grow between $850 billion and $930 billion and reach $1 trillion in 2022, Adobe’s report said.”

UK trade falls dramatically since the end of the Brexit transition period: the ecommerce perspective
“Total UK trade – excluding precious metals – saw its largest monthly fall since records began in January – of 19.3%, or £5.3bn, according to ONS figures.”

Amazon beats out Walmart for top retailer title
“It gained the title due to the insurgence of online shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Wells Fargo estimates Amazon’s U.S. apparel sales spiked 15% in 2020 alone — about 20% to 25% more than Walmart, according to a CNBC report.”

Amazon drivers call for fewer daily deliveries
“New petition calls on Amazon to lower the number of daily deliveries amid claims that drivers are being overworked.”

Mobile push leads digital marketing as favorite strategy
“When it comes to digital marketing there’s been overall growth but mobile push notifications are the most widely adopted, with the number of pushes jumping by 78% in the past year, according to Emarsys data.”


Will consumers ditch online shopping once lockdown ends?
“With non-essential retailers across the UK reopening at various dates from next month and an end to all Covid-19 restrictions in sight by June, online players may feel at threat as shoppers return to the high street. How can online retailers remain ahead as things return to “normal” for the first time in over a year?”

Emphasizing empathy: How retail and e-commerce brands can provide the right CX at the right moment
“With the pandemic, more people than ever are shopping online. This has only heightened the need for brands to respond quickly and react appropriately, and therefore, maintaining empathy and emotional intelligence in digital experiences and communications is critical.”