Annotated Gallery Drives Increase in Conversion

New Service Available

We all know the impact that good imagery can have on conversion – but are you sure your product images are working as hard as they could be?

We’ve recently been helping Philips TV improve their conversion by providing them with Annotated Images — these are product images that sit in the gallery on most retail product pages, at the top and above the fold. To make them Annotated images, we include text, logo graphics and specifications to provide crisp and engaging e-content. These images make full use of the available content space, and provide clarity to the discovery process.


Can Annotated Images make a difference to conversion?

In a word, yes. During A/B testing for another client, Annotated Images resulted in a 16% sales increase.

55% of shoppers now research first on mobile devices. With most enhanced content sitting below the fold even on desktop devices, mobile customers face a lengthy scroll to access the in-depth information they need to make a purchase decision.

By utilising Annotated Images, the clear USPs of the product will now be available much higher on the page. Amazon now also includes mobile gallery images in two separate positions on the product detail page, further increasing the importance of making this content as engaging as possible.


This service is now available to all clients. To register your interest, please contact us at