Amazon’s International Growth Accelerates

It is with an almost wistful inevitability that we bring news that Amazon’s international growth has blown past that of a different entity. But, in a novel twist, the competing entity is Amazon’s own US retail business.

Despite having a much longer-established business in the US than any other market, Amazon has never struggled to find growth at home. Traditionally, American sales have outpaced all its international iterations combined. While it’s still true that the value of international sales is still less than half of those from the US, international growth has surged ahead. As reported by Quartz, Amazon is experiencing 60% growth overseas, compared to just 40% at home.

The reasons for this are many and varied. After a long time of investing heavily in key markets, Amazon has taken a more fearless approach to opening new marketplaces in recent years. The established European markets turned enthusiastically to Amazon’s services during strict lockdown measures, while heavy investment in India is starting to show results.