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Digishare is a product from the Techmarq Interactive team. Working with brands large and small over the past 8 years, we have seen first hand, the challenges of dealing with multi regional, multi lingual content maintained by either a central corporate team or a decentralised local team.

Digishare was born with the intention of helping Brands unleash the power of content but to do this, the assets need to be created, organised, managed and distributed to their customers (internal and external) in a simple, easy and intuitive manner.

Continuing to work with global brands, we strive to make use of the technological advancements of cloud computing and focus on delivering features which make the management of the life cycle of digital assets easy! From creation, storage, distribution to expiration. All in one place.

Digishare – Digital Asset Management, made easy!



DigiShare should form an enrichment to your Brand digital strategy. Accelerate Product launches, Harmonise Brand Identity, Control Access to your assets and Drive Productivity at lower costs. Every choice we have made during the development of this product is aimed to deliver an easy to use, quick to implement, budget proof solution. It is targeted to meet the needs of the Online digital marketplace where Brands are most challenged today.

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Success in the marketplace today depends on the ability of brands to effectively deploy digital content for marketing. Organizing, storing, and locating a specific image or a video from among thousands of digital assets spread across many folders has become cumbersome. Similarly, uploading content in a shared drive has become a tedious process.

Moreover, the proliferation of rich media has made it difficult to select and download media. Using a normal search function to look within thousands of files for specific text on a network drive takes a long time. It becomes more complex when rich media files get involved with enterprise-wide assets, and must be accessible from multiple departments.

With Digital Asset Management solutions like Digishare (DAM), organizations can create an archive and develop an infrastructure to store and manage digital assets. DAM also facilitates a search functionality that allows end-users to identify, locate, and retrieve an asset quickly.

Upload one time and everyone you give permission can download and use the assets fast and easy. Manage your entire bulk of brand specific assets online and share with the world.



Brands are being challenged today to deal with a plethora of issues. Version control, regulatory and legal approvals, campaign and seasonal content, banners and images of all sorts and sizes. As the pace of digital catapulted over the last few years, creation of digital assets more than quadrupled in the same period!

Result: Digital assets created and stored by diverse teams, in many different folders and drives across the web leading to challenges in finding and utilising existing assets leading to time lost in searching, costs in reproduction and wastage in resources.

From the challenges of dealing with this problem first hand, we created Digishare with the goal of helping Brands unleash the power of content! The features we have added allows intuitive interaction with Branded content for the users thus reducing the time needed to be spent by Brands in managing it saving valuable time and money.

So, if you are a Brand focused on increasing the value delivered by the content you have invested in creating, Digishare would be a great platform to support and drive your Digital Content initiatives. Talk to us to better understand how we could help derive more value from your existing Digital Assets today.

Digishare – Digital Asset Management, made easy!