3 Ways to Improve Your Product Pages for Prime Day

It has been an open secret that a second Amazon Prime Day is fast approaching. However, now that we have official public confirmation (and the deals and discounts are already locked in), there’s still time to significantly impact your conversion by doing some basic listing optimisation.

For all the prominence the site banners and promotional emails will have in this sale, it’s still going to be the product page that convinces the customer to take that final step towards conversion. Although discovery via Amazon’s search engine is less of a priority, your products will still be competing against thousands of others, from direct competitors to widely disparate offers, all contributing to the noise that threatens to drown out your deals. Here are some tips on how to make your products stand out from the crowd.

Product Titles

Two product page elements have a reach far beyond the page they’re typically found on: Product Titles and the Main Product Image.

Thanks to Amazon’s automated integrations, most promotional on-site and email activity will pull the product title straight from your page without editing. That’s why it is crucial to ensure that, after your brand, the key functions of your product and any related keywords appear as early in the title as possible. This is because certain promotional placements only have a limited set of characters they can display (such as in an email), and it’s vital that customers viewing your listing understand what your product is and does.

When constructing a title, you want to be as clear and direct as possible and avoid ambiguity. The product brand and purpose should be first and include any sizes or quantities so customers can quickly identify what they will be receiving. Following that, you can list any further information while taking care not to “keyword stuff”. There is a debate about how densely-packed a title should be, but our experience tells us clarity should always win out.

Main Product Images

Along with product titles, product images are the other elements of the product page with incredible reach. Much like titles, the main product image will be automatically pulled by the Amazon platform to represent your product in any promotional site and email listings. Often it will be the first thing a customer sees, so generating a good first impression is vital.

When selecting a product image, it is essential to consider how it will be used. Take your image and shrink it down to 200 x 200 pixels. Is the product still identifiable at this scale? Is it clear what the customer will be getting? Would the product stand out on a crowded promotional page?

When updating imagery this close to a sale, it’s vitally important that you follow Amazon’s image guidelines closely, as having an image submission rejected at short notice could negatively impact your sales. Amazon’s guidelines allow your product image to be useable throughout the platform, so be sure to only upload the largest and highest-quality files possible. This will help mitigate any negative aspects of resizing and compression while allowing customers to zoom in to get a detailed look at your product.

Make It Attractive

It’s proven that image-based content will be more impactful for those under time pressure or with a shorter attention span, especially when a customer is browsing multiple sales offerings. With this in mind, review your product pages and look to see what can be improved.

Are you utilising all of the image slots available on your page? Are your images doing different jobs and highlighting key selling points of your product? Do they help explain how the product is used or any concepts that may be unfamiliar to prospective consumers?

Consider using explanatory graphics or text to help get your key messages across for these secondary image slots.

If you’ve completed this step, consider adding or refreshing enhanced A+ content to your products. Although this sits further down the page, it offers far more real estate and the opportunity to explain the benefits of your product. Even a customer doing a cursory scroll through the page will stop if they encounter attractive graphical content, so consider generating some additional eye-catching assets.